How to bet on total in basketball at Mostbet bookmaker

Basketball is a popular sport among bettors. One of its main features is high efficiency. It is not difficult for players to find broadcasts of top championships that are interesting to watch. In each match, teams score a huge amount of points (often 100 or more), so betting strategies on the overall total in basketball are common. Bookmakers offer a wide range of matches, there is a large selection of outcomes in the line. In the article, we will analyze the features of bets, popular strategies, recommendations for analyzing upcoming meetings and evaluating the form of players.

Features of betting on total in basketball

Do not forget that the highest basketball odds can only be found at the bookmaker.

Beginners start betting on the total in basketball, as it is not difficult to understand these bets. Experienced users are attracted by the ability to use strategies. They help increase the chance of winning over the long run. If you follow them, the chances of earning increase.

Total in basketball is calculated by the number of points scored. Performance for the entire game, the first or second half, a specific quarter can be taken into account.

There is an overall total for the match and an individual total, when points scored by only one team are taken into account.

The bookmaker in the line offers a total - the number of points. The player needs to predict whether teams will get more or less than him.

Total over or under

The TB strategy is used when a clear favorite is playing against an outsider. It is recommended to choose matches in which the bookmaker offers to bet on the leader with odds of 1.4 or less. This is especially important if the weak team has problems in defense, and the leader has a strong attacking potential.

To make such a bet, consider:

Is the favorite in good shape: has won four of the previous five matches.
Does he have the motivation to win - does the upcoming meeting matter or does its result not affect anything?
Will the main snipers play, are there injured and disqualified among them?
If the pre-match analysis indicates the effectiveness of the fight, you need to choose from equally probable outcomes of the TO.

With equally likely outcomes, the bookmaker offers the same quotes for two opposite totals. The screenshot shows the painting for the game "Minnesota" - "Los Angeles Clippers". You can bet on TB(230.5) and TM(230.5) for 1.9.

In some cases, in the list of bookmakers, the odds for equiprobable outcomes may be different. Taking into account the bookmaker's margin, quotes range from 1.85 to 2.1.

For strategy on TM, matches are chosen in which teams with strong defenses meet. For the bet to play, you need to analyze the match. Evaluate at least five previous games, calculate how many points each team scores on average.

TM often passes when equal and motivated opponents meet. The duel will turn out to be difficult, and the teams will not score many points.

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